Disappeared 6

Bunch of carrots

Carrots. Original public domain image from Wikimedia Commons

He hadn’t expected the transformation when he spoke aloud the words etched into the sewer wall. Nor were the words of the reversal spell anywhere near, certainly not in the crumbling mansion that’d been his home for the past decade. Or was it longer?

He sighed and the echoes whispered off the sewer’s bioluminescent walls. Wastewater flowed, a waterfall after last night’s storm, and turned back under the city, poisoning its groundwater.

Above him, a flashlight flickered, went dark, and was hurled with a metallic rattle and a man’s curse.

In that flash he saw a familiar image: himself?

© Liz Husebye Hartmann (2022)

 Carrot Ranch Prompt ()3/11/2022): In 99 words (no more, no less), write a story using the phrase, water falls. Where is the water coming from? How does it shape a story? Who does it involve? Go where the prompt leads!

5 thoughts on “Disappeared 6

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  2. Oh my, a haunted house basement that is part of the sewer system, or perhaps its just a bad dream while sitting lost in the darkness of the basement? You keep us guessing… good job.



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