Time Lost

Blue Horzon

Elbows on bent knees,

Hands dangle between, wings on a gentle-breezed bird.

Butt planted, chilly on Autumnal Earth.

Grass spent, golden and crackling

Under a sky sharp as blue porcelain.

Leaves flicker down from balding trees,

The memories still, cut deep.


Nothing reaches me here on this hilltop.

High above the world, separate, waiting.

Stop time in order to save time.


So much lost, so much to be repaired

Pray what’s gone before yields wisdom.

Waiting for a miracle, knowing it won’t roll out on its own

I rise and stumble, back into the wicked world I helped create.

© Liz Husebye Hartmann (2020)

Carrot Ranch Prompt (11/05/2020): In 99 words (no more, no less), write a story about lost time. You can write a realistic scenario or something speculative. How does lost time impact the character of your story? Bonus points if you include a 1982 brown rubber watch Go where the prompt leads!

10 thoughts on “Time Lost

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  2. I like this one Liz. Tinged with sadness for our beautiful planet though. The world is such a beautiful place, yet it is ugly and wicked in places.


  3. The outcome won’t spare us the clean-up. Either way we have seen what work there is to do and yet what we need we find coming to this place on the hill. So beautiful, your sky and intentions, Liz. I’m right behind you.

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  4. I was just up that mountain this afternoon. Had a nice view of the Delaware River. Didn’t make it to the summit of the trail we were on. But we got to forget about some horrors. And the turmoil that may take too long to settle because some big boys don’t like to loose.

    Who ever gets the hot seat is gonna have to be respected so we can all heal.

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